Portraits by Dick Kramer

Portraits by Dick Kramer are unique and treasured keepsakes. They make wonderful gifts for retirement or for that special person. Scroll down for examples.

They are also a superb personal gift to give to yourself; one that will provide a lifetime of memories and allow you to tell another great story about your adventures when someone asks about the artwork. Scroll down for more examples.

Single figure portraits cost $800

Call for a quote on special or multiple figures. 




Dick's portrait of his Grandson Colton.


Dave Johnson and K9 Sam

                                  Canadian Wentworth Regiment


Tom Hughes

Ginny Kramer


John and Vicky's Home

Steve Wheeler
(individual portrait)


pet portrait

Mike Smith with "Bill"
(individual portrait and dog portrait)

(individual portrait)

portrait of young boy

(child portrait)

child portrait gift

(child portrait)

child portrait

(child portrait)


swat portrait

swat portrait

Cris Mandry, New Orleans SWAT


". . . and you thought he just did SWAT?"
(horse portrait)