Corporate Commissions


The purpose of Corporate Commissions/art is to market the corporation’s product and to highlight that product using Dick Kramer’s artistic talents. The Kramer team (Dick and Ginny) began this journey with a simple task commissioned by John Myer, then head of training at Heckler and Koch (H&K) . . . develop a series of SWAT related posters to highlight H&K’s emerging role in law enforcement.

In the photo above, Dick's most important partner and the love of his life, Ginny, are at one of the hundreds of law enforcement, military or related shows they have attended, signing posters commissioned by a corporation. They have  been intimately involved in this endeavor for decades. What began as a simple task turned into a wonderful life where they have met literally thousands of individuals and have accumulated some very dear and trusted friends along the way.

This is obviously their calling and they are thankful and blessed that they have been able to play the role they have played. Both Dick and Ginny are indeed grateful and indebted to those of you who have kept us safe while keeping America free.  God Bless!    

Comments from Dick Kramer . . .
is a "Golden Oldie" from our past! It is one a series for Woolrich Elite, a really great client. We do miss them! We had a lot of fun doing this series. Many of you picked up this poster from SHOT Shows in the past. We used our hometown SWAT Team; the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office, a Leesburg P.D. Bike Officer, some actors from near the Woolrich Headquarters and some of "Dan's Merry Men." We had a ball doing the poster!   

Woolrich Elite Testimonial . . .

I have had the pleasure to work with Dick Kramer "Dickie" for the last 5 years. What a great 5 years it has been!!

The art he has produced for
Woolrich Elite are sought after pieces as everyone seeks to have a "Kramer"!! Dick's reputation within the Law Enforcement and Military communities is simply amazing. They line up and wait to receive one of his pieces, but also cherish the opportunity to speak with the "Master".

I would highly recommend Mr. Kramer to anyone wanting to provide an unique keepsake and entertain their customers/ accounts/ employees with just as unique a personality. You will not be disappointed.


Vice President

Woolrich Elite Tactical

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Mr. Dick Kramer
Dick Kramer Studios, Inc.
Leesburg, Virginia

In regards to: Thanks!

Dear Dick,

I would like to thank you for the incredible artwork you created for Defense Control. Your drawing of the HARAS system in action dramatized the product and captured its essence more completely than a thousand pictures could have. As you may already know, we have made your rendering the focus of all of our company’s advertising.

Having the HARAS as the subject of an original work of your art is the source of much pride for Defense Control USA, Inc.

In addition, I also want to thank you for graciously attending the NTOA show in Las Vegas, Nevada as our guest. Although you were swamped by admiring fans throughout the duration of the show, you never wavered in your enthusiasm and signed hundreds of personalized autographs. You may have gathered how much this meant to your admirers, but I want you to know how much it meant to us.

Because of your presence at our booth, we had a constant flow of potential customers. Unfortunately, we weren’t selling you at our booth, because it was very obvious that Dick Kramer was more of a ‘draw’ at our booth (pun intended) than our products!


Patrick Hamon
Defense Control USA, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

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We received the new SRT logo and it is nothing short of amazing. The handful of folks who have seen it have had nothing but great things to say and we expect much the same reaction as it makes the rounds. Not only a great piece of the artwork, this drawing will represent our company well into the future. A million thanks…


John B. Wier
SRT Supply

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Your artwork just arrived and I am astounded at how well it looks. I have been familiar with your work for years and spent some time recently on your website to see all of the other work you have done. I thought I was prepared for what it would look like but I was wrong. It is far better than anything I imagined. You are truly blessed to be able to do what you do.

I should mention that the "model" for your work was overwhelmed when I told him that you would be doing his portrait. He is a member of the 19th Special Forces Group. He can't wait to see it.

Thank you so much for your hard work, attention to detail and your amazing talents.

Best Regards,
Tom DiGiovanna
Duostock Designs, Inc.

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"Traditional Photography combined with computerized graphics are one of the more popular visual devices used in today's print advertising. However, nothing catches the eye of a cop more than the artistic style created by Dick Kramer. He has single-handedly influenced the tone of advertising to law enforcement."

Global Enforcement Review Summer 2001


Dear Dick:

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you of the impact your artwork has had on the success of our Remington Law Enforcement brochure. Although the bulk of the Remington product information was status quo, your artwork not only defined the brochure, but also gave our entire Law Enforcement line a "new look" presentation. The poster, generated from an assortment of brochure pictures, continues to be in constant demand and a highly sought after prize within the LE community. Not only was it a pleasure working with you throughout the project, but I highly value the friendship that also ensued.

I look forward to a continuation of this project in an upcoming brochure, as I know your artwork will help carry the Remington Law Enforcement products into the customers' minds. Please give my best regards to your lovely wife, Ginny. I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Gregory A. Foster
Manager, Law Enforcement and Government Sales


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Dear Dick:

This is a stunning piece of art and I am elated! Your composition and demonstration of our blanket is worth far more than the proverbial "1000 Words". I have already had T-shirts printed and presented to my customers as gifts. The response has been tremendous. The piece, in and of itself, makes a positive statement about our product and our company. I can hardly express how pleased I am to be a member of the Dick Kramer Commission Family.

It was truly a pleasure working with you and Ginny. The easy-going, yet professional manner with which you conduct your business is exceptional. I look forward to a long-term friendship and business relationship.

Thanks so much and God bless you.
Instant Armor, Inc.
Eric B. Michaelson, President / CEO

Zodiac of North America, Inc.

Dear Dick,

These are just a few words to tell you how pleased I am, as well as the entire Zodiac staff, with the Special Operations print you produced for us. Moreover, it has been extremely successful with the operators...everybody wants a copy! We used it as the basis for our ad, and hundreds of people have asked to buy a copy of it.

It has been so successful that we would like it to be the first of a series, the next being a "SEAL", then the U.S. Coast Guard, and after that. the U.S. Marine Corps.

Best Personal Regards,
J.J. Marie President

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