Firefighter Art by Dick Kramer

Posted by Virginia Kramer on 4/27/2017
They walk right into danger. They risk their lives to save others. They let nothing stop them, breaking down doors and climbing through windows. And many of them are volunteers. Who are they? Firefighters! 

Dick Kramer, the world's foremost tactical artist, includes firefighters among his artistic repertoire. With his incredible skill, he is able to capture the strength, determination, and humanity of these brave responders. The realism and attention to detail make these drawings all the more powerful. For example, in "Firefighter with Mask" Dick brings to life not only the expression on the firefighter's face but also the rich details and textures of the safety gear and equipment. In all these drawings, you can feel the weight of the gear the firefighters have to wear just to stay alive in the conditions they willingly enter. 

The furrowed brow of the "Fire Captain" suggests a man who has seen all kinds of disaster and would still leap into action without hesitation. The idea of quitting is just unimaginable when there are still lives that will need to be saved. 

"Firefighter with Hose" depicts three firefighters in the process of putting out a nighttime blaze. The glow of the fire is seen at the right side; the rest of the background is dark. The three men look confident that they'll soon have the disaster under control, despite the ominous light from the flames. 

Saving lives and property is hard work and this "Tired Firefighter" shows in his posture just how exhausting his job is. But he's a brave man and he's going to keep doing it again and again— after all, people are relying on him. 
If you have a firefighter in your life, one of Dick Kramer's prints could be the perfect gift for them. Check out the Firefighters Gallery for more.

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