Monster Energy Chooses Dick Kramer's Artwork for their USO 75th Anniversary Commemorative Can

Posted by Virginia Kramer on 12/28/2016
Monster Energy Chooses Dick Kramer's Artwork for their USO 75th Anniversary Commemorative Can


For over 75 years, the United Service Organizations (USO) has been supporting American armed forces both home and abroad through a variety of programs. As the USO's mission statement reads: "The USO strengthens America‚Äôs military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country, throughout their service to the nation." With 160 USO centers worldwide, even in dangerous combat zones, the organization and its thousands of volunteers seek to bring a little bit of home to every service member.


Monster Energy, the manufacturer of Monster energy drinks, has been a long-time supporter of the USO, participating in entertainment and sports events with the vast resources and sponsorships at their disposal. In 2016, Monster Energy was awarded the Legacy of Hope award by the USO's Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore chapter for their longstanding dedication to American troops.


Additionally, Monster Energy partnered with the USO to celebrate the USO's 75th anniversary in 2016 by releasing a limited edition of their famous energy drink that would only be available on military bases. Premier tactical artist Dick Kramer had drawn illustrations for previous military-exclusive Monster Energy cans, and the company turned to him once again for his spectacular military artwork.


Monster Energy chose Dick's illustration "Marine Rappelling" which he had drawn in 2013. The powerful image depicts a US Marine rappelling downward and radiates with the strength and determination of the US Armed Forces. Monster Energy purchased full rights to the artwork, including the original piece, the prints, and the copyright to the image. Soon the Monster Energy USO 75th Anniversary Commemorative Can was released to an overwhelmingly positive response.


As previously mentioned, Monster Energy cans with Dick's artwork are only available on military bases, although such is the demand for his artwork that they can frequently be found on eBay. Dick Kramer Studios also ran a contest during the summer in which they gave out USO Monster Energy cans to three winners who were able to correctly answer a question about Dick and his family. The cans are highly sought out as collectors' items by fans of both Dick Kramer and of Monster Energy, as well as US military and their families everywhere in the world.


Although you may not be able to get your hands on a Monster Energy USO 75th Anniversary Commemorative Can, nor a print of "Marine Rappelling," you can still purchase Dick Kramer's acclaimed artwork and even commission a piece yourself. In addition to his Military Art Dick also creates artwork to honor Police/SWATFirefighters, and more. Please visit the galleries and enjoy your stay. 

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