Things We Care About

Things We Care About 

Rob Kramer Jr 

Our Grandson, Rob Kramer Jr. is presently serving with the US Air Force in Colorado in their Security Forces. Dick was in the Navy, his son Steve was a Marine and now we have the Air Force in the fold. Needless to say, Dick and Ginny are very proud of him. 

Dick with the Nacogdoches, Texas SWAT Team

Dick and son Steve on Omaha Beach, October 2006


Dick and Ginny traveled to Berlin in March 2007 to re-visit the mural he did in 1987 and presented to President and Mrs. Reagan. It's on permanent display at Tempelhof Airport where we were told that 8 to 10 groups of school kids per day are brought to learn about the Airlift. While we were there this group of school kids were told that the artist was there and they gave Dick a round of applause before posing for this photo.

Dick on a weekend visit with the Fairfax County Street Crimes Unit. In Dick's words they are a "Super bunch of guys."  

August 2009


Air and Space Museum at Dulles Airport



Photo of Dick and Ginny at the Air and Space Museum at Dulles Airport. In 1974 Dick
flew in the back seat of this plane as part of the U.S. Air Force Historical Art Collection. Dick has in excess of 50 paintings and drawings in the collection. 

Dick has had the honor and priviledge of flying in just about everything the Air Force has that has two or more seats including back seating in an F-15 at Red Flag, a B-52 out of Warner Robins in Georgia and many other flights. 

Dick's most memorable flight was in the back seat of an F-15 out of Bittburg Germany. Minimum altitude at the time was 500 feet. The pilot flew up the Rhine, following the river at 500 feet. "At times, the castles were above us, at times, the castles were below us. It was the flight of my life".


All of our artwork has a copyright and we ask that you not use this intellectual property without our express permission. Drawing and selling quality artwork is how we make our living and pay our bills. Reproducing our artwork without permission equates to larceny. We ask that you respect our property in the same way we will respect yours. In honesty, I wish this did not need to be said, but my artwork shows up in some strange places and some individuals are seemingly very proud of the fact they have copied it or even made "T" shirts. 

Thank You 
Dick and Ginny